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​Do you love the illustrations we use in our content?

By scottyvalentine
Mar 21, '19 3:25 AM EST

Do you love the illustrations we use in our content?

Now you can learn how they are created!

Following our earlier announcement of the birth of Valé Arcademy, I’m delighted to send you a link to our very first skills training on architectural illustrations. 

Our resident architect and illustrator, Nurul Kusumaningrum, has developed a unique style of architectural illustrations – one which she’s been dying to share with the world.

Nurul’s beautiful illustrations move way beyond the traditional (and let’s face it, rather dull) 3D renders and sketches. 

In this course, she’ll teach how to get your ideas across to clients, co-workers or lecturers in a much more emotive way by using Adobe Illustrator. 

This class won’t be useful to everyone. We created it specifically for young designers, students and graduates looking to set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive market. 

But if you’re a seasoned architecture veteran who wants to brush up their drawing skills, this course will be very useful too.

We love working with early adopters like yourself, which is why we want to give you a significant discount to kickstart things.  The full price for the course will be $19 USD but for a limited time we're cutting that to $15.20that's a 20% discount. 

The discount will be available until Monday 7 am GMT by using the following discount code;


This Architectural Illustration class is the first of many courses, articles and insights to follow. 


Scott Valentine

Architectural Illustrations with Nurul Kusumaningrum