ChengWei Chiang

ChengWei Chiang


Snapshot - An exhibition tells a story about travel, humanity, and self-discovery

ChengWei Chiang
Mar 3, '19 10:14 AM EST
Images on the ground serve as inspirations for design projects on the walls.
Images on the ground serve as inspirations for design projects on the walls.

Snapshot is a copy of a set of computer files and directories kept in storage as they were sometime in the past. There’s a similar technique in human’s brain, called memory. By accessing our memories, we can easily go back to a specific space and time, it’s called “memory snapshot” 

A memory snapshot could be a scene, or someone’s words, or other perceptions. What is different between the computer snapshot and memory snapshot is that when accessing memory snapshot, one will not lost other memories. For example, you can recall something in the past and think of another thing, which leads to another. And those things might not be related. Human’s brain will automatically connect those unrelated things altogether. It is the nature of human to have a storytelling mind, and that is the story “Snapshot” wants to tell the audience.

The showcasing projects in the exhibition were divided into three categories, Travel, Humanity, and Self-discovery. Each category contains three photographs of related topic, taken by ChengWei Chiang, who himself is also an interior designer based in Taiwan and New York. The images ultimately serve as inspirations to the conceptual projects he developed in New York, nominated by ASID (American Society of Interior Designer) in portfolio competition in 2018. 

The black lines created by the set designer, ChengWei Chiang, framed the images on the ground and projects on the wall, mimicking the idea of camera lens and serve as memory windows for audiences to access. The minimalist set design was completed by simple lines and pattern, obscurely suggesting Zen style and provide a wayfinding guide for audiences.

Exhibition Info

Exhibition Name: Snapshot, ChengWei Chiang's Solo Exhibition

Curator: ChenYu Pan

Graphic Design: Yvonne Wu

Set Design: ChengWei Chiang

Lighting Design: ChengWei Chiang

Exhibition Crew: Pengwen Chen, Jacob Hsia, ChengWei Chiang, Funn Hung, Wilson Hu, Raymond Wu