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2021 Wyoming Business Council publication: "A Guide to Redeveloping and Maintaining Historic Buildings" (firm produced paperback resource manual)

Lyle Murtha
Jun 24, '22 11:42 AM EST

This brochure is an abbreviated reference for use by property owners, developers, and potential buyers and/or investors of historic properties to provide useful information in layman’s terms about the feasibility of redeveloping and maintaining historic structures.  A historic building is defined as any building that is 50 years or older.  The check-list format included herein addresses issues on:

  •  Environment
  • Building Code (including ADA accessibility)
  • Façade
  • Historic Building Materials
  • Structure
  • Design

And includes photo illustration examples, handy tips and recommended solutions and/or follow up directions.  The information contained is in a “best practices” format that is consistent with the Secretary of Interiors Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

This brochure is not designed to be all-inclusive and may not cover every particular situation, but does cover many of the commonly encountered issues and challenges with historic buildings.  For further assistance on items not addressed in this brochure, please contact the Wyoming Business Council – Main Street, the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office, or consult with a professional architect and/or engineer licensed in the State of Wyoming who has experience in working with historic buildings.