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Iconic Restaurant Chain Silver Diner Opens First DC Location as Dual-Concept Restaurant and Lounge

May 31, '23 10:55 AM EST
Silver Social by CORE. Credit: Greg Powers & Ron Ngiam
Silver Social by CORE. Credit: Greg Powers & Ron Ngiam

The beloved diner enters the Capital across from Nationals Park with new restaurant and upscale bar Silver Social 

WASHINGTON, DC — Silver Diner returned to CORE to partner on the delivery of the iconic brand’s first location in Washington, DC at Half and N Streets across from Nationals Park. Given the potential of the site, the team made careful decisions to capitalize on this prominent corner location, leading to the creation of a flagship interpretation of the Silver Diner brand. The restaurant chain's first dual concept features Silver Diner on the first floor and introduces Silver Social, a sophisticated bar and lounge, on the second floor. This second level provides stunning views to the ballpark from its expansive terrace while being highly visible from the street level. 

The interior design is consistent with the Silver Diner brand but enhanced by the site’s unique verticality resulting in unique design features. Taking inspiration from a “grand kapok tree,” famed for its majestic monumentality, the striking staircase emphasizes the verticality of the space and establishes a continuous flow “up and down the tree.” Silver Social overlooks the renowned street corner and connects with Silver Diner below through the staircase while both spaces interact with the busy city streets. Silver Social borrows many design features from the Silver brand, including the use of brushed SSTL and mosaic tile floor, but also creates its own design aesthetic. A large operable wall/door allows for a sensational indoor/outdoor space and oversized TVs on the terrace can be flipped down from the ceiling to entertain guests while they enjoy drinks and small plates from a fresh farm-to-table menu.

“The introduction of Silver Social delivers a refined atmosphere, entices the youthful and active neighborhood and draws in locals and visitors alike from Nationals Park”, says CORE Senior Job Captain Michael Borissow. The first floor establishes the Silver Diner restaurant downstairs as a perfect destination for families. The building storefront showcases traditional Silver Diner features of polished stainless steel mixed with branding elements that make the restaurant and bar stand out to deliver a captivating city experience. The Silver Social terrace pops with an oversized sign and sleek reflective metal paneling accentuated with bright lighting to create a showstopping billboard-like effect, emphasizing the terrace, which is visible from within the ballpark. 

“The creation of Silver Social establishes a whole new dynamic and energy for the Silver Diner family of brands,” says Robert Giaimo, CEO and Founder, Silver Diner Development, Inc. Offering a unique experience, the design successfully ties together the dual bar and restaurant concept in one location, while remaining true to the brand’s timeless, welcoming, and approachable spirit. “We truly value our partnership with CORE, which made the successful delivery of this unique dual concept and our first two-story location possible,” adds Giaimo. Silver Diner Ball Park opened in Navy Yard at 1250 Half Street SE, Washington, DC on October 5, 2022.

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