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Colourful Walled Lights featured in Insideout Magazine, Dubai.

Alvina Clara
Sep 19, '17 7:44 AM EST

Wall lights come in many diverse shapes, colours &  sizes. However, they do have one thing in common, they are all a great way to add signature style to a room’s look and feel. 

Coloured Walled Lights add a tinge of liveliness to your interior spaces & break monotonous feel, inviting in exuberance to enliven your spaces. Detachable scones can all introduce different tones & colours, to craft a bright & lively atmosphere in the room.

Coloured 3D Cube Wall Scones arranged in patterns that add great design & decor to wall, uplifting ambience of the place. The wall scones are detachable, that can be painted with multiple colours to add shades to dormant walls.

Lines Wall lights intertwined to camouflage into the colour of your wall, reflecting lights beneath to add decor to interior spaces. The light fixture can be integrated into your environment, complementing it with various accents of the same or similar colour.  

Painted Marek Spherical Luminaires to uplift the room ambience from boring, monotonous and gloomy atmosphere to a room bustling with exhilaration & enthusiasm visually uplifting ones mood through the subtle power of colour on one’s soul. 

InsideOut A Dubai-based inspiring home interiors magazine that showcases the best interior design in the region as well as stylish must-have furniture and accessories for every discerning home-lover, design-led interiors decorators & property owners.