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Wood Grain 3D Inkjet Terracotta Panel project --- Nanjing Forestry University Library

By MaxineBarrick
Jun 25, '19 5:09 AM EST

Architect: Institute of Architectural Design and Planning Co., Ltd, Nanjing University (ADINJU)

LOPO Woodgrain 3D Inkjet Terracotta Panel Product: PW4018258 (3,600 SQM)

The project follows the design and management philosophy of “people-oriented, eco-friendly and space-sharing” in architectural design and interior decoration, and strives to create a comfortable and cozy learning, teaching and research environment for students. In terms of interior design, the designers adopt white, griege and brown as the main color. When you walk into the library, you can see a large area of white walls, griege floor, brown wood grain walls, bookshelves and ceilings, delivering a fresh and simple overall style.

LOPO’s brown woodgrain inkjet terracotta panels are used on the walls of every space in the library as a major wall decoration element. The 3D inkjet terracotta tiles showcase the natural texture of wood, which forms a harmonious match with other wooden stairs and furniture. The use of wood-grain terracotta tiles for interior wall decoration satisfies the designers’ customized requirement for wood grain color, while the environmental friendliness and durability of the terracotta tiles make them the best choice for designing large-scale public building projects, such as libraries.

LOPO’s digital inkjet terracotta tile adopts the state-of-the-art printing technology in the industry, which can vividly display various textures of the natural stones and wood grains. Moreover, it can also be customized to adapt to other personalized texture preference. These products offer numerous design possibilities for interior wall decoration and building facade cladding. 

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