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LOPO Terracotta Baguettes with the "Soil Texture" Clad Dreamland Club

By MaxineBarrick
Aug 12, '20 9:41 PM EST
LOPO Terracottta Baguettes customized for Dreamland Club
LOPO Terracottta Baguettes customized for Dreamland Club

LOPO Project: Dreamland Club

Location: Zhongshan

Developer: TIMES CHINA

Architects: DOMANI

Leading Architect: Ann Yu

Floor space: 2,700 square meters

Completion date: December 2019

This is the new project of TIMES China that features LOPO Terracotta Baguettes. The club is located in the east of Sanxi Village which is a well-preserved traditional villages in the downtown of Zhongshan City. When the project began, the architects visited every corner of Sanxi Ancient Town to find the inspiration and finally was struck by the tranquility of the place --- the shadows of the trees echoed with the ancient walls in the setting sun, forming a beautiful scene of “Shadows of the trees under the sunset”. The leading Ann Yu looked a clading materials that fully restores the sense of soil. LOPO China teams worked with her to develop the new baguettes with a special texture of soil. After more than 100 testings and tweaks, LOPO created the baguettes that has the required textures and shades by artchiects. These terracotta facade products feature 20 different display heights and nearly 100 different lengths, and are horizontally installed with a T profile structural hanging system to achieve a well-proportioned and well-bedded façade form. 

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