Bella Stairs, LLC

Bella Stairs, LLC



Sleek Oceana Penthouse

Aug 7, '18 3:46 PM EST

In a collaboration with Interior’s By Steven G, and build out by Newman Construction, we completely transformed this stunning penthouse located in sunny South Florida’s Oceana Bal Harbour.

From complementing glass and wood elements, to a new illuminated platform below, this sleek Oceana Penthouse unit has never looked better! Our cantilevered staircase design features floating wood treads with open risers, and clear glass railings. The wood treads were chosen to have a dark stain, creating a nice contrasting element to the designer’s stone wall. The illuminated platform includes built in lighting to illuminate this immaculate staircase.

Glass railings allowed for natural light to brighten up this sleek space, creating a light and airy ambiance. Stainless steel elements were chosen to be in a brushed finish, a nice touch to the overall aesthetic. As you ascend up the staircase, you will see the wall-mounted stainless steel handrail transition into a post when you arrive onto the second floor. Fire Marshall’s mandated that the stainless steel handrail must transition to a post, thankfully we were able to accommodate that request in just a couple of days.

Photography credits to the esteemed Silvia Pangaro!