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Frame-less Glass Overlooks

Jun 11, '18 3:47 PM EST

Make a powerful first impression with one of our custom railing designs! Whether you are remodeling or designing a new second floor guardrail for your residential space, consider a frame-less glass overlook design. These designs are a great way to achieve a clean, sleek modern look.

Choosing frame-less glass railings to your second floor overlook is a great way to allow much more natural sunlight into your space. When installed, the glass panels are anchored to the walls by utilizing a stainless steel standoff anchor system. They are later covered with drywall, to give the illusion of frame-less glass railings protruding from the floor.

Frame-less glass railings create an immaculate decor for any space. If you are looking to renovate your home into modern times, consider a frame-less glass railing design for your second floor overlook. Our custom design can truly transform any space to match any style you desire.