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Designing Glass Panel Walls

Jun 21, '18 12:18 PM EST

Whether you are designing for a commercial space or a residential home, glass panel walls are an eye catching design element that can transform any space!

For any residential space, incorporating glass panel walls into your design can create an open and airy ambiance for any space. Glass panel walls are a great design detail to incorporate into your home if you are seeking more of a contemporary look or modern style. Adding a color tint feature to your glass can also completely transform the overall aesthetic of any room. Combining tinted glass with other elements can create some pretty unique results.

When designing this commercial space, we installed three foot by ten foot high over-sized glass wall panels and laminated glass railings for their exclusive 12th floor office overlook! The two conference rooms were separated by an opening to the floor below, which is connected by our frame-less glass railings. Our glass partition design truly accentuated the grandeur of the corporate main lobby entrance below and allowed for some much needed natural sunlight to brighten up the space.