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Get a glimpse inside SDA with the Synthesis Design + Architecture Showreel...

Alvin Huang, AIA
Apr 17, '17 1:41 AM EST

Check out the 2017 Synthesis Design + Architecture Showreel for a brief glimpse into what we do, how we do it, and why we do it...scroll to the bottom to see the full video.

Synthesis Design + Architecture is a forward thinking and multi-award winning design firm based in Los Angeles with architectural licenses in California, Arizona, and Colorado. We specialize in producing innovative design work that not only challenges convention through technological, material and computational innovation, but also work that purposefully enlivens the public imagination and makes a case for the role of innovated architecture in our contemporary creative design culture.

Our work has been published and exhibited widely and has gained international recognition with over 30 distinctions at local, national, and international levels including being honored as the Young Architect of the Year by the American Institute of Architects California Council in 2016, being selected of as one of 50 global innovators under the age of 50 by Images Publishing in 2015, being featured as a "Next Progressive" by Architect Magazine in 2014, and being named one of Time Magazine's 20 Best Inventors of 2013.  


We design through collaboration. Our role is to facilitate the dialogue between architect, client, user, engineer, fabricator, and builder. By provoking an open dialogue and challenging traditional preconceptions, we are able to extend our clients’ ambitions and produce groundbreaking work.


We explore design as an exploration of both building and material performance as well as an expression of contemporary society and cultural values. We seek to enhance the way people experience the built environment by capitalizing on the potential of time, space, and form to affect and inspire those who inhabit it.


We see constraints as opportunities to question the status quo. We see design as an opportunity to pose a series of thought-provoking questions that establish the problems to solve. We view each project as a unique opportunity to integrate diverse and often contending conceptions and constraints into a coherent whole.


We believe that the catalyst for every major advancement within the discipline of Architecture has been a parallel advancement of technology. We focus on the merging of creative, intellectual, and technological design processes with intelligent fabrication and construction techniques to create beautifully crafted designs.


We seek to balance both the experimental and the visionary with the practical and the pragmatic to achieve the extraordinary.

Synthesis Design + Architecture 2017 Showreel