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Brigade Gateway Project in Bangalore Reaches Completion

By Nice
Nov 5, '12 1:52 PM EST

View of Brigade Gateway Complex from the Residential Podium

The Brigade Gateway is an integrated lifestyle enclave located in Bangalore, India. The project is situated on a 40 acre site and comprises of the following areas:
• World Trade Center: 32 floors
• Sheraton Hotel*
• Residential Podium: 16 Towers
• Brigade School: Nursery to Std 5
• Club House
• Multi-Level Car Park: 1200 cars
• Columbia Asia Hospital: Cardiac services, orthopedics, and neuroscience
• Orion Mall: 1.1 million sqft
• Artificial lake
• Children’s Park

The World Trade Center is the first fully privately owned installation of a WTC in India and is the tallest commercial building in the city of Bangalore. The city of Bangalore produces a large percentage of the software exports from India as well as other public sector heavy industries and is proud to see its growth manifested in this new building and complex.

*Sheraton Hotel: AWA scope was landscape lighting only

Project Team:
• Principal Architect: HOK
• Local Architects: Venkataramanan Associates, Zachariah Consultants
• Landscape Architects: Terra Firma

View of Brigade Gateway Complex from Orion Mall

Concept Rendering of Site Plan

Concept Diagrams: Circulation and Focal Points

AWA approached the Brigade Gateway project in a manner that sought to create a paradigm shift in the lit environment. The lighting design used architectural focal points and a consistent visual fabric at night to create a distinct visual hierarchy. We aspired to create compositions that would guide the design process, from conception to completion of the project, rather than using foot candles or lux levels to dictate the design. The landscape lighting was designed to create a warm and open environment as a direct counterpoint to the perceptions that might be engendered from the programmatic requirements of the site.

View from Top of the World Trade Center

Seating Colonnade

AWA designed sustainable fixtures that exist harmoniously with their surroundings. Examples of this include the streetlight design (below) which drew influence from the architecture, and a locally manufactured custom bollard (below) which was created using local materials (granite). The use of the bollards to light the walkways provides illumination without the use of any overhead lighting. The combination of the bollards and the tree uplighting creates an evocative visual experience.

AWA Custom Fixture: Streetlight

AWA Custom Fixture: Bollard

View of Lakefront from Residential Podium

The lighting for the complex creates a layered hierarchy to the site, establishing a sense of place and enabling intuitive navigation for pedestrians moving through. The dramatic water feature serves as the central anchor to the site with the other buildings and spaces revolving around it. The creative lighting solutions developed by AWA keep each space fresh and unique, and enliven the public spaces in the evening.

About the Developer: Brigade Group
Some of the recent awards and accolades for the Brigade Gateway Project and the Brigade Group are:
• “Integrated Township of the Year in 2012″ by Realty Plus
• “Best Theme Based Township in India for 2012″ by CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developer’s Associations of India)
• “Best Office Space in India for 2012″ by CREDAI
• “Best Commercial Project in India for 2010″ from Property World
• “India’s Top Ten Builders for Five Consecutive Years 2007-2011″ by Construction World
Brigade Group is one of India’s leading property developers and has created real estate developments throughout South India. Brigade Group, headquartered in Bangalore with presence in all domains of real estate – Residential, Offices, Retail, Hospitality and even Education. Since its inception in 1986, Brigade Group has developed many landmark buildings in Bangalore and Mysore and has also expanded its operations to Chennai, Kochi, Hyderbad, Mangalore and Chikmagalur.