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AWA Project Update: Gurgaon Rapid Metro Opens And Has 100,000 Rides In First 9 Days

Justin Moench
Nov 26, '13 11:51 AM EST

The maximum footfall is at Sikanderpur, the interchange station with Delhi Metro. Once ready, the Gateway Tower station, the only one in the 5.1km Phase 1 yet to be opened, is likely to significantly add to the numbers because of its location along the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway.

Rapid Metro has targeted a daily ridership of 1 lakh a day by the end of its first year. “Our operations were launched in the middle of the month and some of the Cyber City employees, who would have already paid the monthly fee to use their office cab or other modes of transport, were not able to switch over to the Metro. We expect these employees to start using our network from December 1,” said a spokesperson.

Rapid Metro also plans to hold awareness programmes through street plays and graffiti to encourage the use of public transport, mainly among Cyber City workers.


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Source: The Times of India