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AWA Project Update: Construction Continues on Singapore Chancery Project

Justin Moench
Nov 21, '13 11:59 AM EST

Construction is almost complete at 320 East 48th Street, which will soon be home to Singapore’s diplomatic mission to the United Nations – in this case, the building has been designated as a ‘chancery’. Designed by HOK, the structure is rather small – nevertheless, the glassy facade is a pleasant break from the run-down surroundings, which predominate in the vicinity. Its neighbors are nearly decrepit, and the stark contrast between old and new serves as a reminder that the age of a building should have nothing to do with its landmark status.

The design director of HOK’s New York office, Kenneth Drucker, sat down recently to discuss some of the firm’s projects, and described how the “five twisted glass blades in the main facade of the building represent the five attributes of the Singaporean government.”

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Source: New York Yimby