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Peter Zellner to lead sponsored Master Planning and Architectural Design studio at UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design

Peter Zellner
Jan 12, '20 7:36 PM EST

In the spring of 2020 Peter Zellner will teach a Master Planning and Architectural Design studio at UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design, in the Department of College of Environmental Design, the Department of Architecture.

The final year Options studio will be focused on studying new urban scenarios for the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Campus.  

Students will examine how architecture, landscape architecture, and planning can integrate new ideas around human wellness and environmental sustainability. Along the culture-nature axis, landscape painting in the American West and tactics of abstraction and intervention derived from Conceptualism will help frame a design approach grounded in a study of vernacular, local native "cultural" and indigenous landscapes.

Travel to Los Angeles and accommodations in LA during the semester are fully sponsored by The Ray and Wyn Ritchie Evans Foundation, and the Weisman Foundation allowing students the opportunity to study the site in person, meet with key stakeholders and visit the offices of leading Los Angeles design and development professionals.