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PSUD Wins Competition for Bogor Heritage City

By videloemry
Jun 11, '15 1:13 AM EST
Aerial view of the Bogor Heritage City
Aerial view of the Bogor Heritage City

PSUD  has been selected as a winner of Indonesian Heritage City in Bogor, that will be the first Indonesian Heritage City prototypes along with others cities. PSUD proposal "Kota Pusaka 'Teduh' dalam Taman (Lush Heritage City in Park): Towards Indonesian first ecopolis" features six green corridors connected with Bogor Botanical Garden in the center.

The competition, run by Kementrian PU (Ministry of Public Works), called for proposals reinventing Bogor's heritage city along side of Bogor Botanical Garden to encourage the city towards UNESCO World Heritage Cities. A particular focus for the proposals to "demonstrate how the heritage city should be a part of the area’s social and urban context, not stand as an exclusives archaeological objects"

The proposals takes a holistic approach to both surrounding existing neighborhood activities and the urban environment but also preserve the Bogor Botanical Garden as the legacy that embed within the city. The proposal integrates the local environment into a whole that allows for a vibrant urban environment. Each of six green networks development distinctive identity adds character and vitality to corridors and will be Bogor new landmark and pride.

A particular element of praise was the urban plan for the area, which in this competition includes three development area as a "Heritage City Gate, Heritage Gate, and Creative Milieu that includes an “inclusive” urban park which “can become a meeting place for all.