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By simonas
Jul 9, '11 11:43 AM EST

Ljubljana, Amsterdam, EU — June 4, 2011 — OffBureau, an online workspace announced today that it has entered a public beta stage.

 After almost two years in development and two complete application rewrites, Offbureau has entered a prelaunch public beta stage.

“Our vision is a world with no social or geographical boundaries for ideas and our mission is to provide creative individuals, companies, and organizations around the world with an online framework, space, and the tools to work together on creating, developing, and releasing ideas, concepts, and products faster and better,” said founder and CEO Matevz Medja. “The most amazing things always happen out of the office; hence the name: off bureau. People get together and hatch ideas that grow into movements, or start projects that grow into great businesses.”

About OffBureau:

Offbureau ( fuses on-line collaboration, document management, and a social network. Its simple and universal structure can adapt to any workflow and can be used as a collaboration platform, intranet/extranet, document system, or FTP replacement.

OffBureau was founded in 2009 by Matevz Medja, designer, co-founder and creative director at the award winning design agency GigoDesign.

Offbureau is privately held by SNDB d.o.o., and is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Amsterdam, Netherlands, EU.


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