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Charles Rose to Lecture at AIA Wyoming Conference, Sept. 19th

By charlesrosearch
Sep 17, '14 11:47 AM EST

“Wyoming is a place where human settlement exists within vast stretches of undeveloped land and ecological corridors, and the boundary between human and natural habitat is precise. This pattern is in distinct juxtaposition to much of the United States where the built environment dominates the natural environment, and the boundary between the two is often ambiguous. The unique conditions of Wyoming make the design of our built environment critical in that it must be shaped to meet the extremes of the natural world in terms of ecology, natural light, seasonal change and climate. Equally important is the impact that architecture has on human engagement and community in a sparse rural landscape. Urban planning and buildings that form the fabric of towns have a profound impact on our connections to—and mutual reliance on— one another.”

Please join us at the AIA Wyoming Annual Fall Conference to explore the interface of urban and rural, the manmade and the natural, and the inherent boundaries in between. 

Charles Rose to lecture from 4:00-5:00pm on September 19th.