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100 Ideas: 019 Sidewalk Benches

By jamesbiber
Apr 9, '12 2:01 PM EST

Somehow nearly all the benches in The City are related to parks, or to the extremely odd medians on upper Broadway. Stoops are, of course, benches, and so are some sprinkler stanchions, ledges, and an assortment of other items. Why so few benches? Would the unsavory park themselves there? Would they collect refuse, papers or sidewalk merchandise? Would they all need 'loafer rail,' that serrated metal anti-sitting detail?

At some point we all need places to rest, or just to watch the world go by. And the sidewalk edge seems a good place to plant oneself. The seats could flip up to prevent collecting people or things. And they could be small enough to allow only a couple to perch. And they might even pivot to watch any number of worlds go by.