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WAA's Hedge House is transformed by an installation from artist Peter Struycken

By WielAretsArchitects
Jun 24, '19 6:04 AM EST

The Hedge House is an art pavilion located on the grounds of Castle Wijlre in the south of the Netherlands. Completed in 2001, it was designed by WAA, and is now a satellite location of the Bonnefanten Museum, in nearby Maastricht. Dutch artist Peter Struycken has undertaken a ‘transformation consisting of a painting that covers all of the building's floors, walls, and ceiling… he has never before realized a painted work on this scale, and for the first time, the Hedge House is using its space for a spatially all-encompassing artwork.’

’P. Struycken–Color: Profusion and Variability’ March 3, 2019-November 10, 2019

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