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WAA progress construction on the IJhal in Amsterdam

By WielAretsArchitects
Apr 22, '16 5:24 AM EST

As spring emerges in Amsterdam, and its greenery effloresces, so too is another emergence taking place in the city; the IJhal in the central train station, which is quickly nearing its completion. The IJhal is a new pedestrian passageway on the waterside of the station; it is situated under a new bus terminal, and above the yet-to-be opened 'North-South' metro line. The station is a confluence point for taxi, train, metro, tram, and water ferry traffic; the IJhal is a major node of pedestrian movement in Amsterdam. Outfit with enormous LED screens, which display scenes of the city, a yellow-tan hued terrazzo floor, and many rounded mirrored elements, on its ceiling, as well as wrapped around its poles–its eastern half will soon be completed.

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