Cunningham Architects

Cunningham Architects

Dallas, TX


Cathedral of Hope Interfaith Peace Chapel

with Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects

The second phase of an ambitious campus masterplan, the Interfaith Peace Chapel seeks to provide a serene and sacred space for all individuals. The highly sculptural concept compliments the planned Great Cathedral and reinforces the message of the institution itself.  Open to all who profess a faith as well as those who do not, the monolithic volume purposefully bears no resemblance to traditionally identifiable religious prototypes.

All of the exterior and interior surfaces curve and warp uniquely across all 3 axes. The custom formed double wall construction conceals a carefully fabricated steel skeleton in which no 2 pieces are alike. Large glazed portals flood the entry vestibule with natural light while the sacred space is lit only from above by a dramatic skylight. A full basement houses all required services and a planned circular plaza will create a connection with the existing buildings.

The project takes advantage of available technologies, utilizing parametric building information modeling as well as achieving LEED certification.

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Status: Built
Location: Dallas, Texas
Additional Credits: with Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects