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Landform Building

Landform Building
Client—Princeton University School of Architecture
Production—Regal Printing, Hong Kong
Publisher—Lars Müller Publishers
165 by 240 mm, 488 pages, casebound with jacket
Editors—Stan Allen and Marc McQuade

This recently completed book, edited by Stan Allen and Marc McQuade and published by Lars Müller, is a rich mixture of content such as design projects, design research, essays, interviews, and archival images that reconsiders the evolving relationship between architecture and landscape now that green roofs, artificial mountains, buildings you walk on, and buildings that carve into the ground are all commonplace today.

The book's design uses heavy type and stacks of information, rendered in a gradient of grey tones, to produce a sedimentary-like effect that seemed appropriate for a book concerned with the ground. Solid color pages are used to differentiate spaces in the book and to provide pauses between stretches of more densely presented information. The cover uses a richly textured charcoal-colored paper wrapped by a glossy, full-color jacket for maximum physical contrast.

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Status: Built
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