Turin, IT


Mobile Urban Square

The Mobile Urban Square installation is the result of the self-built design workshop organized by Izmo within the Progetto Leonia, a research and training program aimed at disseminating the practices of reuse in the field of urban regeneration. The project regarded the theoretical and design processes and focused on the spreading of reuse and self-construction in order to achieve a multifunctional mobile installation (3×2 meter / 10×6 feet – about the size of a parking lot) to be placed as urban furniture in the district of Porta Palazzo in Turin.

The workshop was launched on 18th May 2012 and involved 10 participants. The results of the research were presented during the first meeting, with particular attention to the topic of creative reuse and legislation regulating how to place installations in public space. Subsequently, participants had the opportunity to inspect the materials at their disposal for the construction of the installation, the places of intervention and the working space. Starting from a design constraint, represented by an iron frame mounted on wheels and partitioned into 4 sectors, the participants have been divided into as many groups. The students have dealt with the design and manufacture of furniture and functional parts attached and included in the structure. The last day of the workshop took place directly in project areas and provided an opportunity to show local residents the work in progress of the installation. As conclusion of the work, the Mobile Urban Square was presented during a public event organized in collaboration with Urbe association and the theatre company Quinta Tinta.

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Status: Built
Location: Turin, IT