CODA: Caroline O'Donnell Architecture DPC

CODA: Caroline O'Donnell Architecture DPC

Ithaca, NY


111 Valentine

Valentine Student Housing is a 30 apartment residence on Valentine Place, Ithaca, NY. Situated between large student-housing complexes to the south and west, and smaller single-family housing to the north, the design aims to create a bridge that unites the two scales. The saw-tooth parapet references the pitched roof of the adjacent houses and breaks up the roofline. The perforated, corrugated metal front facade is made up of modules of 3 different depths to create shadow lines that further articulate volume, and the cantilevered screen separates the public front from private sides. The heart-shaped perforations create a sense of glow and translucency, especially at night, and remind of two things: that we are on Valentine Place, and to love one another.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Ithaca, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Project Leader: Iris Xiaoxue Ma

Architectural Design Collaborator: Shawn Daniels

Landscape: Kathryn Wolf, Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architects LLP with Ian Tyndalll