David Coleman Architecture

David Coleman Architecture

Seattle, WA


Stair House

Centered around a light-filled frameless glass box housing a steel and mahogany stair, this modern Leschi house is designed to frame classic Seattle views of Lake Washington and the Cascades.

 Located on a steeply sloped lot in Seattle overlooking Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains, this 2400 SF residence is home to a couple with two dogs. Approached from the road on the uphill side, the client wanted privacy from the road, access to all parts of the site from the interior and exterior, and a focus on the eastern views.

We responded by developing a “gray-box” – a neutral container entered from the street by way of a private courtyard, focused on a sculptural stair in the center of the building. The stair defines a sense of place, provides connectivity to all levels, and intersects with an exterior stair that connects the courtyard with the rear yard. Most interior rooms are oriented toward the view.

Set in a frameless glass box and fabricated of blackened steel channel, mahogany and perforated steel, the interior stair reads as an object, organizing the interior around a simple gesture. The glass walls extend to all levels, allowing light to penetrate deep into the center of the building.

The exterior stair is defined by a welded wire mesh screen running the length of the house. Vines will eventually overtake the screen, transforming it into a transparent green wall.

Predominant materials include rheinzink siding, aluminum trims, polished concrete, welded wire mesh, blackened steel, plaster, mahogany, plate glass, Douglas fir and ebonized oak. Together, they define an elegant building that is spatially rich, light filled, and appropriately subservient to the outstanding views.

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Status: Built
Location: Seattle, WA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Photography by Steve Keating
Built by David Gray Construction