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Office Feuerman

Sydney, AU



'OUTSIDE-IN', a series of three sculptures exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea Bondi, 2015 and Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe, 2016 operates as a machine for viewing, hybridizing several visual apparatuses (a periscope, telescope, microscope and kaleidoscope) into a single form, inviting users to stop, interact and look inside.

Externally, 'OUTSIDE-IN' appears as a labyrinthian series of intersecting vectors, constructed from welded brushed aluminium. Internally, a mirrored acrylic interior produces a succession of kaleidoscopic viewing corridors that define specific lines of vision, drawing in and distorting images of one of Sydney's most renowned landscapes.

Sited in three different environments (the grass, the sand and the rocks), a range of forces shape its internal and external performance. One might look down to see up (the sky), up to see down (the fine grain details of the ground and the movement of the passing visitors). Another may gaze forward and see behind, or interactions may occur between viewer and viewer as they try and navigate the mechanics between what they are seeing and where they are looking.  Outside-In offers a new way of seeing the surrounding environment.

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Status: Built
Location: Sydney, Australia
Firm Role: Designer
Additional Credits: OF Team - William Feuerman, Endriana Audisho, Dane Voorderhake, Gonzalo Valiente
Fabrication - Warringah Plastics
Photography - Callum Andrews, Olly Begg
Videography - Husky Visuals