Marco Milazzo

Marco Milazzo

Rio de Janeiro, BR


Oi Futuro - Telemar Cultural Center - Telephone Museum

Telemar Institute promoted an Architecture National Public Competition to choose the Telecommunications Museum project. The objective was to reformulate the old Telephone Museum, built in 1918, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
The project concept is the dialogue between the new and the old. The old construction was partially demolished to receive a new mass, in the back of the site, defining three zones in the building:
the volume formed by the old building, that was kept with its peculiar characteristics; the new volume, that is different from the old, by a contemporary architecture; the “empty”, formed by the space between the two masses, keeping a harmonic dialogue between the parts.

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Status: Built
Location: Rio de Janeiro, BR
My Role: Architect Leader
Additional Credits: André Lompreta, Gustavo Martins, Ana Paula Polizzo, Thorsten Nolte