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Science, Art and Music Center - Eaglebrook School

As with all structures at Eaglebrook, the new art and science center will play its part in instilling a sense of memory that is unique to the school. By respecting the campus vernacular forms and palette yet defining them in a new manner, the building as a whole will become an endearing and memorable space to all that learn within its walls.

Sustainably designed and energy efficient, the proposed Art & Science Building will become a signature building for the school and set the standard for Eaglebrook’s future development. Through the integration of intelligent passive design and the newest sustainable technologies , the building will teach students about the world around us and how we can live responsibly within it. Boasting a 100kw array of photovoltaic panels, low energy LED lighting, geothermal heating and air conditioning, rain water harvesting, and efficient insulation, the facility is targeted to be a net zero building.

The classrooms and studios are designed to be flexible to accommodate shared usage and eliminate wasted space during the school day. The circulation spaces and atrium function as galleries, become gathering spaces, and provide space for temporary and collaborative events within the school.

The building becomes a teaching tool as it reveals and expresses its own truths of art and science. A mystery is woven throughout the structure that may be solved by only the most diligent and curious students to provide valuable insight into the world they are entering. And perhaps even a prize!

At a time when “balance,” “unity,” and “resonance” are often heard in the explanation of the need to correct the damages inflicted upon the environment, architecture that embodies the harmonious relationship between man and nature will be a positive force in the education of the students of Eaglebrook.

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Status: Built
Location: Deerfield, MA, US