Sunset Studios

Sunset Studios

Los Angeles, CA


Jewelbox Telepresence & Presentation facility

This user friendly facility provides a presentation venue using the house PC ot table integrated pop-ups to connect the mac or pc laptop into the 80" rear projection 1080p display. The display features a touch sensitive surface enabling users to touch and navigate the computer mouse directly from the screen. 

Along the perpendicular wall, a three-screen immersive 1080p telepresence facility facilitates direct sight lines to the conference table with endpoints around the world using unmanaged broadband connectivity. Comparable to Cisco telepresence, the capabilities integrated enable complete collaboration over shared desktops at true high definition between both endpoints. Sharing the mouse with the far end points is a snap. 

The entire system is controlled from a simple user interface designed to provide one-button source to screen seamless interaction.

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Status: Built
Location: Cypress CA
My Role: Lead technology design and installation
Additional Credits: Mark Brown, Michael Youngman