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spatial practice

Hong Kong, HK


CBD Beijing towers

Spatial Practice was commissioned to design twin towers, located in the new CBD core area of Beijing. The current CBD area has the competition of many high rise structures to profile themselves as economic dynamic powerhouses. However in the context of today’s global energy crisis, innovative and sustainable intervention in today’s architecture is crucial to define its ecological role in the world economy.

Within the masterplan that PTW provided, the point of departure was to set up the basic Grade A office towers that further on are transformed into Grade A+ by the intertwining Eco-Spine as physical, social and green connection between the towers, which will be an around the clock cultural hub of experiences and activities at the core of CBD.
The Eco-Spine embodies vitality in green and human interaction, injecting the heart of CBD with positive energy towards the future. It  is a sustainable platform for future development and a positive symbol for 21st Century Beijing. This is translated into a central structure, serving as a connection between  the twin towers.
Pro grammatically, the two towers comprise offices with conference facilities, an international business class hotel and serviced apartments. Meanwhile, the Eco-Spine comprises sky gardens, work spaces, recreation facilities, an art gallery, a media wall and various social spaces, intertwining with office functions that reinforces the dynamic social interactions between the two high rise buildings. Many functions can spread both horizontally and vertically, acceding the flexibility today’s companies need. For instance, the conference levels can be expanded to the other tower, even to another level.
The spine also features a range active and passive sustainable strategies, reducing the building’s energy consumption. These include rainwater harvesting, wind power, solar energy, and geothermal power. The Eco-Spine acts as a medium to support the both passive and active ecological systems.

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Status: Built