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Hei Tower

Hei Tower Project, in Hanoi City, got first prize in competition. It’s a mix-used building with commercial, office for lease, service center and apartments. It is focused particularly in the right organization and use of the building. The building wants to answer the corner location, ensuring areas for develop social relationships between residents and visitors. It has been created different open areas to increase public space.


It has 25 floors and 2 basements and 2 Mezzanines. The most important decision was the volumetric perception of the building. Avoiding a “box” image, HEI Tower façade has been turned to create more space at the center, and different façade materials reflect the function at façade.

The building has two different towers and two different entrances has been established, both of them clearly identified and each one connected with one of the towers. Access to offices and apartments is on the first tower, in main street. This one is more visible that the one for commercial use which has access through a huge garden with big fountains and vegetation.  This entrance offers a relax atmosphere.


The solution presented by Hei Tower project includes all the basic considerations outlined in a skyscraper with offices and a big commercial area on the ground floor. This architecture answers current standards of rationality and functionality, with a touch of art in their designs and forms. The building has been established as a mix of two tetrahedrons. This is traduced in two towers, almost at the same high, creating a shadows game because one of them is always at the background.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Hanoi, VN