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Madrid, ES


Castellana 77_ a modern Icarus in Madrid

Cities have silent icons and Castellana 77 can be seen as one of them. The building is located in the financial heart of Madrid.

It beats with the rhythm of a city characterized as a driving force of the country. It is also a property that rises in AZCA as a symbol of urban and economic regeneration. Castellana 77, belonging to group GMP, is an opportunity and a new icon allocated to the regional architectural heritage of Madrid. 

The regeneration of this emblematic building shows the value of all its identity due to its surprising “new skin” that is set to become a design reference. It also reflects the DNA of how luis vidal + arquitects approaches all his projects at all scales: with economic, social and environmental responsibility. Those are three principles trough which our firm transforms a design into a legacy.

The transformation of the property Castellana 77 designed by luis vidal + arquitects, has become a flagship of Group GMP. It stands at the forefront as a sustainable and esthetically emblematic building that makes an impact and leaves a mark.

The architectural proposal of the façade has distinctive and unique forms. The goal is not only an aesthetic accomplishment; it is also the energetic and sustainable efficiency. It incorporates slats that protect us from high solar incidence. This is why each slat has a different orientation and each façade has a different image.

The covered ensemble of glass with low emissivity and solar control is the result of a rigorous study of the sunlight’s and shadings of the west, east and south orientations of the façade at different and critical hours of each day of the year.

The efficient design of this component allows having significant energy savings and an optimum comfort and wellbeing for the occupants and users. The proceedings of luis vidal + architects have brought modernization in its installations and the transformation of 17 floors, making a more flexible ground floor and semi basement, broad to accommodate offices and que commercial premises.

Designed with an environmental responsibility, the building has obtained the prestigious certification LEED GOLD in the desigh stage.

The building has been awarded Best Office Architecture in Spain at the European Property Awards.

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Status: Built
Location: Madrid, ES
Firm Role: Architects
Additional Credits: Consultants:

• Eficiona
• Calter
• Vectoria
• Ineria