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Miliy Design

Shanghai, CN


Han’s Laser Industry Park

High-tech industry booms while Shanghai starts to upgrade its industry level. In some high-tech park area like Minhang district, it is prevailing that owner builds up its own office and workshop. Project focuses on this owner-use feature to present a small campus concept. Utilizing the local river, the campus creates a landscape balancing between the industry and local eco system.

The elevation of the office tower has the diagonal cut to imply the characteristic of laser industry which is the theme of this campus. It also creates the recess of the entry. On the street view, a projected volume with mesh skin draws the attraction from the passengers and gives the local orientation as a landmark.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Shanghai, CN
My Role: Architect In Charge: Steven Wang
Additional Credits: Design Team: Frank Wang, Leilei Li, Kai Su, Yangkang Xu, Yang Dai