Eric Rosen Architects

Eric Rosen Architects

Los Angeles, CA


VG Residence

In the same way that Andy Goldsworthy significantly transformed the reading of a large boulder in a stream with the simple gesture of placing dandelions on its top surface, it was our intent to transform the difficult terrain of an irregular property with the placement of a new 5500sf house into the landscape, forever changing the reading of the two.   Strategically placed retaining walls and deepened footings create a plinth upon which the project sits while the topography rises to the east and falls away in all other directions. The clean, yet articulated architectural surfaces and geometric forms along with the groomed landscaping and intentional planting beds provide a foil to the rocky natural terrain of the cliff and wild, natural vegetation. To the east, a large retaining wall runs the length of the flag-lot carving into the hillside and creating space for not only the main house to reside, but also for a detached guest house/garage building that occupies and informs the entry sequence from the street. To maximize a large courtyard area off of the main house, a concrete patio and infinity pool elevate and extend out over the cliff’s edge. Hidden from view from the house is a pathway downhill of the pool that leads to a private exercise room tucked into the hillside below grade. As the inaccessible terrain falls away from the house, new outdoor space is offered on the roof top affording 270 degree ocean and coastline views.   Though man-made and natural forms exist independently of one another, their distinct differences connect them by their adjacencies to one another. In turn, each becomes more of what it is.

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Status: Built
Location: Pacific Palisades, CA, US