New Delhi, IN


The Hand

The ‘behaviour of streets’ is an incredible phenomenon inIndianurbanity;  The narrow deep street scale for shade ,the old town morphology with its social structure and this network that culminates into a  public square is perhaps the epitome of physical manifestation and functional patterns that symbolizethe Indian ‘chowk’.
This is the point of departure for the entrance to studio archohm; thetall door opens the street in its true scale into the entrance square, the atrium. Thissquare is defined by varied forms and materials, people and functions; and enriched by textures and play of light to bring in the required flavour. The typical ’pan shop’, a gathering space that usually punctuates the square which is the hub of the city, is replaced by this sculpture in red.
The center piece of the sculpture is a composition of metal reinforcement bars, plumbing pipes, electrical conduits and bits and pieces of basic building construction materials- the kit of parts thatarchohm works with in its design projects and architectural works.
This out of the box composition of seemingly random elements welded together throws the perfect shadow on floor, celebrating the monument of one of the modern masters of design, le corbusier’s knowledge ‘hand’.
This has been designed with the intention of making something out of almost nothing and to express the power of design. Despite this, the sculpture has a simple obligation to work functionally and aesthetically, but topped with an overlying message.Taking ‘meaning’ to a new level, Archohm’s ‘hand’ truly represents freshness and spontaneity with paint and welding being the only cost factors.The Hand nutshells archohm’s design power and philosophy of fun and mad.

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Status: Built
Location: Noida