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LEGOland Florida

LEGOLAND® Florida is the largest LEGOLAND® theme park in the world including 50 attractions and venues. Located on the grounds of the former Cypress Gardens Adventure Park, great care was taken by the design team to evaluate the viability of each existing tree on site and to adjust the site design as necessary to protect the park’s majestic and historic canopy.

The design approach was to use and re-theme as many of the existing structures as possible, as well as preserving and maintaining the site’s natural character and beauty, while being cognizant of the tight construction budget and schedule constraints. The team’s green approach started with recycling the concrete of demolished sidewalks and plazas for use as the sub-base for new paving. Many of the existing buildings were renovated and repurposed to fit the new theme and contain many of the new LEGOLAND® Florida attractions. Eighty percent of the existing tree canopy on the property was saved in place, while another 20 large trees were relocated within the park to extend the natural landscape feeling. Morris Architects | MorrisTerra was responsible for site grading, hardscape design, landscape design, and construction administration. 

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Status: Built
Location: Winter Haven, FL, US