Ameen Ayoub Design Studio LLC.

Ameen Ayoub Design Studio LLC.

Los Angeles, CA


The Lofts At Cleveland Square

Mixed use development  comprising 3,000 square feet of office retail, two story parking omponent and 20 condominiums, each approximately 1,000 square feet. A roof garden incorporates a pool with surrounding bungalow areas with a bamboo garden integrated throughout the terrace acting as privacy screens. The building site is 10,000 square feet and corners two popular streets in downtown El Paso. The designs underlying order takes  orthogonal and serial patterns which shift in the facade treatment. Plan and elevation work together through a series of punched openings, subtracted voids, and screened elements.The project serves as a model for mixed use projects in the downtown area of El Paso.


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Status: Unbuilt
Location: El Paso, TX, US