Hortus Environmental Design Synergy

Hortus Environmental Design Synergy

New York, NY


Hortus Archive 2005: Bohl Residence / Hopalong Cassidy House

A 15 acre peninsula in the Hollywood hills with a stellar view of Los Angeles, as well as the former residence of William Boyd and current residence of architects Chip and Barbara Bohl.  This property includes 3 separate residences; one designed by architect Fredrick Fisher.

The premise of this project is several fold: 

Create an outdoor conservatory of native Southern California plant specimens as part of a future site program as a museum and public garden.

Implement topography as program.

Utilize similar irrigation principles as the Dazai, or Dragon's Backbone terraces in China via one water collection location for rain or municipally sourced water and vascular system using simple principles of gravity for water distribution.

Provide a high impact graphic landscape mainly meant to be viewed from above and give the neighboring Stahl Case Study House #22 something to look at. !

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Misty Gonzalez: Horticultural Consultant / Landscape Design