CONTENT Architecture

CONTENT Architecture

Houston, TX


Southampton Residence

Southampton Residence is the first home for a young family recently transplanted to Houston from a major US city. The homeowners wanted a brick house designed as a modern interpretation of their beloved brownstone as viewed from the street, high ceilings and no visible roof surface.

Developed to maximize the size of the house while taking into consideration deed restrictions and internal views, the volume responds to the massing of neighboring homes and is carved to allow light from multiple directions in each room. Four bedrooms, three and a half baths and generous living spaces face onto a courtyard that is intended for a future swimming pool.

Sectional differences further serve to relate the program to the site by connecting the kitchen and guest suite to the exterior, elevating the living room above the court, raising the kid’s bedrooms into the tree canopy and sequestering the master suite in the rear of the lot. 

Designed on a full brick module to limit material waste, materials shift to glass, cast stone, or wood where the masses are carved out. Spray foam insulation and a commercial grade air conditioning system discreetly and efficiently control the interior climate while the highest rated glass assists to limit the energy impact of the large windows.

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Status: Built
Location: Houston, TX, US