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interface architecture

Bangalore, IN


The Orchard - Terrace Restobar

The client B&S Hospitality approached us with the program to design a terrace resto bar.The available floor space was 198.00 Sqmts.
   The design idea is to bring in the surrounding green form into the internal space. The structure is designed to merge with the surrounding green space. A conventional slope roof is considered as the main roof form.
    The Steel roof supports are designed with a concept of a TREE form.  The entire terrace area is spatially designed with semi open and open dining areas considering the moderate climatic conditions. The open to sky dining space has a spectacular view of the city. .Transparency and space enhancement is highlighted with the use of Glass and Mirror. A large panel of mirror is used to camouflage the surrounding area with the internal space.
     The RESTO bar caters a seating capacity of 65 pax

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Status: Built
Location: Bangalore, IN