Analogue Studio

Analogue Studio

Cambridge, MA


Expansion / Contraption

In collaboration with improvising quartet Volume (IV), and artist Steven Milton, Analogue Studio designed an installation for one night of Expansion/Contraption -- a four-evening performance/installation at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, NY. Volume (IV) features an electroacoustic harpist, turntablist, laptop artist and electroacoustic flutist. Together they create an inimitable sonic entity, luminous and enigmatic, without obvious exit or entrance points. Through the constant recording and resurfacing of their performances, the members of Volume (IV) negotiate a collective present with around the obstacles and opportunities of the fragmented past. In response to Volume's artistic approach, Analogue Studio and Steven Milton distributed the four players and varying acoustically tuned listening environments within a labyrinth, creating physical chance encounters that reflect the sonic chance encounters of Volume's performance.

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Status: Built
Location: Brooklyn, NY