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Amsterdam, NL


Villa Overgooi

The Overgooi project concerns a villa-like residential building with five specific accommodations commissioned by the Villa Van Vijven (Villa For Five) Association that consists of five private clients.

The opportunity arose to develop five residential units on a 5000 m2 lot – with the restriction that they had to look like a single villa.

Based on this fact and on various qualities of the environment we implemented a series of transformations on the building volume. On the basis of a number of workshops with the residents this resulted in five specific accommodations, each with its very own character.

Each storey has been rotated a quarter turn in relation to the others, giving the residences exceptional orientation, incidence of sunlight and spatiousness. Subsequently, the entire building was raised to give each residence a second floor view – over the dike – of the Gooimeer.

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Status: Built
Location: Almere Overgooi, the Netherlands