Monterrey, MX


Casa Mirador - Mirador House

Proposed as an architectural object that brings together and merges the program of a small house for the guard of a property with storage spaces and parking for vehicles, Casa Mirador is a rectangular volume embedded in the landscape built basically of concrete, glass and metal.

Exposed concrete walls are used for the exterior structure and exposed concrete block walls for the interiors partitions. Glass enclosures are located at the side of the guard´s house and metal gates for the side of the storage area and garage.

The architectural piece occupies the upper part of a natural slope in order to take advantage of the height to maximize the vision towards the valley and the mountains in front of the land.The volume is occupied at one end by the small rectangular house, including kitchen, bedroom and services, all open to a small exterior access terrace. The remaining part of the volume is occupied by a square-like space used for storage: objects, machinery and vehicles. This space is free in the center and has a perimeter of closets and storage spaces of different sizes as well as an external staircase that allows to have access to the roof which is basically understood as a view platform or lookout.


Project: Casa Mirador 

Architecture: S-AR


Location: Coahuila, Mexico.

Architects in charge: Cesar Guerrero, Ana Cecilia Garza.

Programme: small house and storage space.

Client: Private.                                                                                              

Construction area: 164 m2.

Project year: 2020

Construction year: 2023

Materials: Concrete, Steel, Aluminum, Wood y Glass.

Model´s Photography: C129

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Status: Built
Location: Arteaga, MX
Firm Role: Architects, Lead Designers
Additional Credits: Collaborators: Carlos Morales, Maria Sevilla.

Photography: Ana Cecilia Garza Villarreal.

Supervision S-AR + Daniel Hernandez

Builder / General Contractor: Daniel Hernandez