Cabo San Lucas, MX


Agriculture Museum of Sinaloa (competition finalist)

project team: a10studio + lab07
Mariano Arias-Diez, Luis Alarcón Y., Carlos Marín, Mia Modak
landscape architecture consultant: Hugo Sánchez | Entorno

One of the most internationally recognized emblems of Mexico, and particularly of the State of Sinaloa, is its agricultural production. The state of Sinaloa is known as the "granary of Mexico" because it is the producer of a big variety of food. Its efficient fields have become national leaders in their yields. Because the economy of Sinaloa is sustained by its agricultural activities, the project seeks to recognize it and promote it, through a project that displays objects related to branches of technology, history of agriculture and agronomy as well as agricultural ways which sustain the economy of Sinaloa.

Through the creation of the Museum of Agriculture the city goverment tries to allow the public to learn more about the forms of production in the locality, while recognizing both the agricultural practice as such, and those who make possible such a noble activity.

Through agriculture, man has colonized the territory for centuries, creating irrigation systems and by planting with geometric laws. Has de-naturalized the natural areas through the planting of natural elements; the distance that are planted trees or plants depends on both the size of the crop itself as the collection systems used. Each plantation produces a texture and color over the territory.

"Agriculture industrializes, the landscape urbanizes."

In our proposal the outside is as important as the inside. There are no objects and an external reality, but a continuum between forms that wrap and un-wrap, that close and open, that focus and serve as a focus. The architecture as this, expanded in reality, in the middle, through the environment, is an extension. The environment in which it appears is a field.

We present 3 key strategies for the development of the project:
_Operative Topographies
_Active Ecology

"The spectacle of nature and city become now comparable."

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Culiacán, MX