Studio 16 Architecture

Studio 16 Architecture

Staten Island, NY


The Marina Cafe

This project involved a two phase renovation of an upscale restaurant overlooking Great Kills Harbor on Staten Island, NY.

Phase 1 involved the complete reconstruction of the main dining room to celebrate the Marina Cafe's 25th anniversary. We transformed formerly dark, low ceilinged space into an airy, sunlit space that takes full advantage of the spectacular view. We also corrected some serious functional and structural problems. Sunlight is used as a material, changing with the time of day and weather conditions. The ample glazing eliminates the need for artificial light except for the gloomiest days and of course, night. The curved roof form relates to the waves in the harbor, and the interior materials and colors were inspired by the harbor and yacht interiors.

Phase 2 involved the renovation of the street facade and forecourt landscaping. We kept the form of the facade and clad it with sandy stucco to represent the upland portion of the building. The fabric arch over the entry doors gives guests a hint at the curved roof form they will see once they enter the dining room, while the fabric also relates to the fabric sails in the dining room. The building glows at night with blue LED lighting, and the landscaping is comprised of native plant and provides seating for guests waiting for a table and for smoking.

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Status: Built
Location: Great Kills Harbor, Staten Island, Ny, US