Martin Fenlon Architecture

Martin Fenlon Architecture

Los Angeles, CA


Perennial Holistic

This Tenant Improvement project consists of an expansion of floor area with the creation of a new lobby. The clinic was already established in a single retail bay of an existing strip mall; the expansion took over the adjacent two bays.

The lobby is situated in the newly acquired end of the building, which is an irregularly shaped space with abundant natural lighting and views from two sides of existing storefront glazing. This space serves as the new main entry and transitions from the public space outside to the more discrete display area within.

A wood-clad form appears to emerge from behind the lobby walls, settling into the space while simultaneously forming a reception desk, lobby seating, and secured entryway to the display area beyond. It is here in the lobby where two very different spaces – one being a interior space emanating a quiet orange glow, the other an exterior public space seen through the existing storefront glazing – are fused into a single entity.

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Status: Built
Location: Studio City, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Photography: Zach Lipp