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ThinkBox 01

Executive Desk Toy.

Give this to the smartest person yu know.
And have them solve one of your problems, one of their problems, or one of the world's.

The ThinkBox, launched in 2001, is a small, beautifully designed, puzzle object that inspires thought through play.  Our tag line: "Give this to the smartest person you know and have them solve one of their problems, your problems or the world's." Each ThinkBox has been a study in a new material and mechanism for our firm, working within the strict parameters of a 2 ¾' x 2 ¾" cube contained in puzzle-inspired packaging. We plan to advance our prototype stage into final product implementation. 

The ThinkBox 01 is the first in a series of five ThinkBox products. It has moveable parts that can be manipulated to form different shapes. Each is a precision crafted object that is hand assembled from machine-cut, anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The packaging, made of laser-cut and scored acrylic, is a puzzle itself. Once the ThinkBox is removed from the package, the user can piece the puzzle back together to reveal a message.

Read about the ThinkBox 01 in i.D. magazine.

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Status: Built

See ThinkBox 01 in action on Vimeo:
See ThinkBox 01 in action on Vimeo: