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Ten Museum Park

Ten Museum Park is an exploration of the hedonistic possibilities of architecture in a futuristic tropical playground of urban sophistication. This project represents the rare opportunity when imagination and reality fuse to create new luxuries and experiences beyond fantasy. A crisp, well proportioned exoskeleton engages a pure crystalline volume soaring 50 stories above the bay—a dynamic beacon for the majestic cruise ships as they return from their voyages around the globe. Framing fragments of water, city and sky, every personal and communal space within the complex was designed to serve as a backdrop for life in its most beautiful form. Exuding power and grace within the skyline—the structure creatively organizes inherent rhythms to distort scale and abstract typological references becoming a sublime sculptural expression. Internally, optimized configurations of the living modules of varied size and configuration-- maximize spatial openness and viewing spectrums allowing for extreme flexibility of lifestyle. TEN MUSEUM PARK is the fulcrum of everything pleasurable about Miami. Every moment-- from the private spa environments in each residence, to the sky garden with multiple pools and pavilions, to the twelve roof-top vitality pools for the penthouses and tower suites, has been conceived to revolutionize the way we live and dream.  

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Status: Built
Location: Miami, FL, US
Firm Role: Design Architect
Additional Credits: Team Credits: Chad Oppenheim, Carlos Ramos, Juan Calvo, Giovana Henao, Seymour L. Fish, Leslie Abraham, Juan Lopez, Robert Gallagher, Jorge de La Torriente, Rodrigo LondoƱo, Kevin McMorris, Veronica Restelli, Marcos Delgado, Lizmarie Esparza and Carla Urreiztieta.

Renderings: Digitart and kdlab, Robin Hill and Ken Hayden.

Covin Development

Landscape Architect:
Enea Garden Design

Landscape Architect:
Urban Resource Group

Structural Engineer:
Cantor Seinuk

MEP Engineer:
Hufsey, Nicolaides, Garcia, Suarez

General Contractor:
Bovis Lend Lease