Spring Studio

Spring Studio

Beograd, Serbia



Type: Competition
Site: Cetinje, Montenegro
Year: 2009



If we perceive the act of learning the art as a specific process of acquiring knowledge and skills, one of the key criteria would be primarily connected to the representation of the artist as a creator more than as a beginner. The representation of the sole act of the artistic creation, what the audience is allowed to see and what really is the act of art by the artist, in what manner the creator himself learns and in what way does he distance himself from the image of “the artist” that he portrays/acts…those are all the directions which have structured some of the basic conceptual architectural relations: private-public, given programme – activities in the space, the consumer artist – the consumer audience, architecture – nature…

The relationship of the artist towards the audience has determined the concept of the spatial units, taken as two equal factors in certain relations from the architectural point of view, using both of them as attractors and their relations as the field levels in which their interrelations are developed.
The fields with the higher degree of the isolation (independent ateliers, separated gardens – workhouses…), projekat kuce over, the fields of the mixed activities like education, life, culture, and up to the fields that are completely open to the audience (theatre and music hall, art gallery, the park of sculptures..) are attained by indicating the fields of the various levels of openness in this manner. The complete array of the hybrid functions is singled out in the spaces in between zones where the fields with the standard and planned activities intersect. Distinguished zones are opening themselves to the city or are withdrawing from it using the nature and the mountains in its hinterland.
THE PROGRAMME – THE ACTIVITIES/EDUCATION-PRODUCTION_i.e.what is the product of the process of learning the art/s.
Distancing the programme from the architecture as an aesthetical category is imposed taking into account the condition that one part of the existing spatial configuration is used for the programme for which it is not specified. Their connection is established in the system of functioning, the interrelations of the fields and the activities, while the build structure is treated as a unique flow in its physical appearance. Uredjenje stana This is how the line of the architecture has distinguished itself as a sculpture and has functionally attached to itself the spaces of the three academies and the student hall. The proposed architecture has turned into the pure event in the space by neutralising the aesthetics, which brought it on the level of the sign. The second distinguished course in the concept encompasses the newly designed structure which open to the public by its character. Supporting the principle of the neutalising the aesthetics the new structure has given way to the nature, the terrain/the landscape and the activities which can only be carried out on the ground level. In this way the line of architecture as the nature has singled out. The programme, the activities and the spatiality have shaped themselves as the two simultaneous trajectories which play the same role and have the same starting attitudes but its interrelation is such that one of them becomes spatially visible carrier of the functions of the education and life which culminates in the tall mark, while the other one is declining and going underground pulling with it the functions opened to the public.
The surface of the ground is an abstract layer on which the different streams of people, movements, forces etc. operate. Physical structure is the next level and it is directly connected to these streams. It responds to them, confronts them or directs them. The concept of the system of the two spatially functional trajectories through the complex is treated in every of all possible manners.
The first trajectory has gone one level upward using the existing structure and doing so it has received the largest part of the required programme. This has liberated the surface area of the terrain for the other trajectory, which has, starting from the public access, gone one level downwards liberating the terrain for the public, park spatial facilities, open air stages, amphitheatres, playgrounds which are directly connected to the content of the first trajectory. These two spatial and functional trajectories are interconnected by the flux of the users and the technique in which the system is functioning.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Cetinje, Montenegro